5 Common Aircon FAQs

Having some trouble with your aircon? Do you have some questions regarding the use of your aircon? Well look no further, as I will be addressing the top few most frequently asked questions when it comes to the issues faced with an aircon. Here are the explanations to some of your commonly asked questions!



How often do I need to service my AC?

I am sure that you have heard our constant nagging and reminders, telling you the importance of servicing your aircon. But… how often? It is recommended to conduct air con servicing two to three times a year, otherwise, minimally once. With regular checks and cleaning, it definitely reduces your monthly electricity bills. Here are 6 great ideas on how you can save money on aircon electricity bills! Servicing ensures that your aircon is functioning optimally and reduces the need for a major repair which costs a bomb. With the increasing need to use aircons in hot and humid Singapore, it would certainly be wise to have your AC serviced once every 4 months. Here are some of the benefits to servicing your air con regularly.

Why is my aircon leaking?

One of the most common reasons is that the drain hole in your AC may be clogged. The hole may be clogged due to excess accumulation of dirt or mold. When the water is unable to exit the aircon through the drain line it results in very minimal to no water flow, resulting in the reverse flow of water leak back into your home. Therefore, do check the drain line for any signs of blockage that is causing the leak. Find out in greater detail on why your aircon is leaking here.

Another telltale sign that your aircon is leaking can be a hissing or whistling sound coming from your air conditioner. Click here to find out more about the 8 most common types of aircon noises.

Is there a way to reduce my aircon bills?

Consider purchasing aircons with Energy Efficiency Labels. The greater the number of ticks, the greater cost-savings it will bring you in the future! Aircon units with 5 ticks on their energy level can possibly save you an estimated $100 more than aircon units with 4 energy level ticks.

Set up a timer on your AC remote that turns off your aircon. In comparison to the full 8 hours when you are asleep that the aircon runs, it is perhaps wiser to set a timer that turns off your aircon 2 hours before you wake up. Fret not, the temperature of the room will stay relatively the same. This method will definitely translate to cost-savings in the long-run. By calculation, by reducing usage on aircon for 2 hours everyday, you will be reducing your aircon usage by around 60 hours on a monthly basis!

Not to forget, the Aircon bills saved can contribute towards Aircon Servicing required every 4 months!

Can I DIY clean my air-con?

Yes, absolutely! You should clean the air filter on a bi-weekly basis and it is recommended to change it once every 2-3 months to ensure that air-flow is clear and unobstructed. This ensures that the Air-con unit operates optimally and the room remains cool for longer periods of time. Remove the casing surrounding the air filter and then take out the filter. You can wash the filter under water or vacuum the filter to get rid of the dirt.

An easy method to DIY clean your Air-con is to use a vacuum cleaner. A vacuum cleaner can be used to clean external surfaces and can reach some of the internal parts of the Air-con unit. Hold the vacuum under low power over the exterior of the AC into the ducts, pipes and fans.

Do take note that DIY Air-con regular maintenance is important however more has to be done (such as Aircon chemical wash) if you want to keep your Air-con functioning optimally.

Why is the aircon not as cold anymore?

Here are some possible reasons why your Aircon is not cooling down the room as efficiently as before:

Faulty Thermostat

If your AC unit is connected to a thermostat, do take a quick check to see if the temperature displayed on the thermostat is correct. It is a potential cause of your Aircon not being cold enough.

Blocked Condenser

A condenser is one of the most vital Aircon parts in ensuring that your AC pushes out cold air into your room. When it gets blocked, cold air is less able to enter the room. With that, you will have to clean your Aircon condenser regularly.

Aircon Parts Malfunctioning

Take for example: a broken compressor or a malfunctioning refrigerant that inhibits the indoor unit of the Aircon from blowing out cool air.

Hire a Aircon Professional – 338 Aircon

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