A Comprehensive Introduction to Drain Lines

Condensate drain lines are one of the most essential parts of the AC that ensures smooth and efficient operations of your AC’s cooling units. In other words, they play a vital role in making sure that your room is cooled efficiently.

Humidity will be released when air is cooled or heated in your Aircon unit, which ultimately trunks into condensation. The condensation will then have to leave the AC unit through the condensation drain line to outdoors to prevent buildup of water in your Aircon system.

What is the aircon condenser drain line?

Typically made up of plastics or metals, the drain line connects the Aircon unit to the drains outside one’s home or the household sewers. It channels condensation away from your AC unit into the drain. Most drain lines make use of gravity to transport moisture away however some units do utilise pumps to do the job to increase efficiency.

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Functions of Drain Line

It prevents build-up of moisture from condensation inside your AC unit and your home.

When air is cooled in the AC unit, humidity is released which causes the condensation of water. As a result, water needs to be re-directed away from the AC unit to prevent the collection of water in the AC unit.

If moisture continues to be collected in the space of the Aircon unit, it can result in build-up of mold, algae or even corrosion of metal parts. If not dealt with, the drain line will clog up and there will be a rise of humidity in the household as well as the possibility that your health can be affected since the air is unclean. Structural damage could also occur as pools of water formed around your AC can potentially damage certain interiors of your home. Do take note that measurements and specifications of the drain pipe is imperative in ensuring that the water flows and evaporates easily to prevent buildup of moisture.

Common Problems Affecting Drain Lines

As mentioned above, it is important to prevent the buildup of moisture inside the Air-conditioner as well as your home. The efficiency of your AC will be greatly reduced. In more severe situations, it damages your Aircon, causing it to shut down.

The buildup of moisture can also cause ice to form which leads and adds onto clogged drain line. Do take note that formation of ice can result in extensive damage to the AC unit.

Apart from new AC units which contain technology which automatically switches off the unit when moisture collects, it is often hard to determine the reason your AC is malfunctioning/ not operating optimally. With that, it is strongly recommended to contact a professional to conduct a check on your Aircon on a regular basis.

How do clogs form?

In addition, water accumulated contains tiny air particles as well as bacteria. When water drips out into the drain floor, some of the moisture left behind stimulates growth of mould and algae. Not only that, collection of air particles of dust and debri in the condensate drain pipes also contribute to the blockage formed. Do be warned that there could be insects’ nests in your AC pipes if you have not used your AC for a long period of time.

How to know if there is a clog?

Most air handlers are able to detect and shut down the aircon system automatically and some high-technology ones are even able to send messages to the user. Otherwise, if you notice water dripping through the vents or your ceiling, it is highly likely that there is a major pileup which leads to the blockage. When this happens, turn off the power of your AC at once and contact a professional to have your aircon looked at.

What to do when the drain line is blocked?

Here are some simple steps you can follow to clear out any visible blockage:

  1. Switch off the power to the Aircon unit
  2. Find the drain line (mostly located outdoors, near to the condenser unit)
  3. Wearing protective gloves, use a small stiff brush to clear out any blockage seen
  4. Use a vacuum cleaner to suck any dislodged blockage and remove accumulated moisture

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