Common Symbols Found Air-Conditioner Remotes

With the increasingly unbearable hot and humid weather in Singapore, we all probably recognise and acknowledge the importance of having air-conditioners in our lives. Here comes the real question, are we really utilising its functions extensively and maximising its use?


Sliding open the cover of the air-con remote, you may be fazed by the various buttons and symbols when all you wanted was the room cooled as quickly as possible.

Moving forward, I will be explaining some commonly found symbols in air-conditioner remotes that will boost your user experience (and help you make the most out of your money).


1) Power On/Off Button

Starting off with the unmistakable on/off button: It is an iconic vertical line in the middle of a circle or semicircle which powers on and off the air-conditioner.

2) Heating Mode

Represented by a sun symbol on the remote, when activated, the air-con pushes out warm air into the room and the temperature of the room gradually increases to your desired level.

3) Cooling Mode

With a universal snowflake symbol, cool air is pushed out and decreases the temperature of the surroundings, cooling the room instantly. Aircon not blowing cold air? You might want to visit this website to find out why.

4) Fan Mode

When the room is efficiently cooled, a push of a button with the fan symbol enables air circulation around the room. With the fan mode activated, it actually conserves energy and reduces power consumption. A slight trade off is that it results in lower cooling capacity. If you’re wondering how to save money on aircon electricity bills in Singapore, check out this article!

5) Fan Speed

Upon the activation of the fan mode, in the form of a symbolic stack of signal bars, you can control the speed of the internal fan. The greater the number of bars, the higher speed the fan operates at. Is your window air conditioner making an unusual noise? Read here to find out 8 most common types of aircon noises and help diagnose any potential issues with your system.

6) Dry Mode

The dry mode represented by the symbol of a water droplet reduces humidity in the room while at the same time still enabling the air-con to circulate cool air.

7) Automatic Function Symbol

Typically appearing in the form of a capital “A” letter surrounded by arrows pointed in a circular direction, this feature maintains the specific degree after the desired temperature has been reached. It functions equally well in both cooling and heating mode.

8) Vertical Air Swing

Represented by an icon of arrows pointing in progressive directions in a 90 degree angle, this feature enables you to adjust the vertical blades of your aircon unit to direct your air swing in three varying directions: static, oscillation or alternate between both static and oscillating directions.

9) Horizontal Air Swing

With similar functions to the vertical air swing symbol, the horizontal air swing icon shows the fan blades pivoting upward and downwards in a semi-cyclical arrangement and it allows you to adjust the direction and flow of air. Deciding the best location for aircon installation? Check out this article!

10) Turbo Cooling

If you need a quick cooling down from the humid weather when you get home, this function will definitely be of great use! Represented by its icon of a strong figure flexing the biceps, this feature cools the room within a short span of time, requiring only around 15 to 30 minutes!

11) Silent/Quiet Mode

Bearing the symbol of a person with a finger over its lips, this feature decreases fan noise to a minimum, allowing the aircon system to function as silently as possible in order to provide you with a good night’s sleep. With the silent/quiet mode, our air conditioners are now quieter than ever. However, if your air conditioner is still making weird noses, it is likely that there is a singular internal issue or multiple faulty parts clashing together inside the unit. Visit this website to learn more.

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