General Servicing

General Servicing - What's Involved?

Curious to know exactly what happens in general servcing?

Here are the 10 steps our technicians go through when they come and service your aircon unit.

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Step 1: Remove screws

Remove the clips and screws holding the cover to the unit.

Step 2: Remove cover

Dismantle the FCU cover and place it in a safe location for washing later.

Step 3: Vacuum FCU

Vacuum the entire fan coil unit by going in an up and down motion.

Step 4: Remove water tray

Remove the water tray – make sure to remove drain pipe attachment when detaching.

Step 5: Vacuum Drain Pipe

Attach vacuum head to drain pipe – leave it attached and on for 3-5 minutes.

Step 6: Clean Blower

Brush and vacuum the roller unit. Make sure the roller is on and in continuous motion.

Step 7: Clean filters

Wash the aircon filters and cover. Gentle spray with water and wipe down gently.

Step 8: Check Blower

Make sure there is nothing hindering the blower while spinning.

Step 9: Reattach Water Tray

Reconnect water tray back and click into place. Make sure water tray is not slanted to prevent water leakage later on.

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Step 10: Reattach Cover

Last but not least, reattach the clean cover onto the unit and screw back the connecting units. Make sure to cover with original clips.