Saving money on aircon electricity bill singapore – 6 Great Ideas!

Saving money on aircon electricity bill singapore – how?

Your air conditioning bill can get high during the summer. When the heat goes up, your air conditioner will need to work harder than ever before and this can lead to an aircon electricity bill that is kind of scary. Learning the best ways to lower that aircon electricity bill can help keep more money in your pocket while ensuring that you get to stay nice and cool the whole time.

Minimize the Sunlight

While sunlight is usually a good thing, you do need to minimize it if you want to lower your bill. If you have that light coming in directly through the windows, it can heat up the room and make the air conditioner have to work harder than before. This is a good thing to remember during the winter when you want to keep the room warm, but you do need to minimize the light source during the summer to keep the room cooler.

There are a few steps you can take to make this happen. For example, just block the sunlight. You can add some curtains across the windows if you can go without light. Or some thin drapes to at least minimize it if you rely on the sun for lighting your home.

Use a Fan

You do not need to keep the fan going the whole time as the air conditioner, but if you can turn it on for a few minutes as the air conditioner gets to work, you will notice a big difference. This helps to circulate the air a bit more through the room and gives you a cooler feeling throughout the home. You only need to do this for a few minutes to get the results. Point the fan in your direction to get cooled down quickly.

Clean Out the Vents Often

Always take a look at the air conditioning vent. This is the location where all the air will blow out. If it gets clogged up and dirty, it is not able to work as efficiently either. This is a big reason that your power bill is going up. When the vent is clogged, it ends up taking more energy just to cool the room around you. Replacements can cost a lot of money so don’t be lazy and forget.

Use a Thermostat or a Timer

If you plan to go to sleep with the air conditioner on, you should learn how to set a timer or have the thermostat working well. This can help limit how much time the air conditioner is running rather than having it go all night long. This can save you a lot of money each month. You can set it to go off for a certain amount of time or only go until it reaches the right temperature. Then the air conditioner will turn off and wait until the timer goes again or until the temperature gets too hot.

This is a great idea because it helps to keep you cool while you sleep, without wasting a lot of time and power in your air conditioning. The amount you save will depend on how high you run the unit and how hot it is outside.

Maintain the Air Conditioner

You need to maintain the air conditioner the right way. If you do not clean it out well and don’t take care with regular servicing, you are going to end up with a mess and using too much power in the air conditioning unit. Set up regular services and keep these records too. This helps you have a reference to look back at if something does go wrong with your unit.

Pick a Good Brand

If you are taking a look for a new air conditioner at some point, you need to pick the right one. Going for an off-brand option that seems to be less expensive will often cost you more money in the long run. Pick a brand that is reputable and can take care of your air conditioning needs without all the money using it.

If you are looking for more ways to lower your aircon electricity bill or you want to consider getting a new unit in your home, call in the professionals. Contact us at 338aircon and for special prices.