The Ultimate Guide To Air Conditioning Efficiency

There are multiple facets to ensure air conditioning efficiency throughout its lifespan. I will try my best to cover all of them in this article. This guide will provide you with the tips and tricks you need to sustain your air conditioning unit.

Before anything let us take a look at some red flags to take note of to identify when your air conditioning is not working efficiently.

Red Flags

Frequent servicing needed – Uh, I am sorry to say this but your air conditioning is crying for help and servicing is probably not going to help you much. Your air conditioning is probably reaching its end. I would suggest you brace yourself to say goodbye to it.

Costly servicing needed – Please consider how much you are spending on your air conditioning unit to maintain it. Too frequent and expensive servicing could show a trend which may suggest that you would be better off with a newer device. Here are some of the air conditioners you can consider purchasing.

These two are the biggest red flags I could easily identify. If there are others you know of, please share with me in the comments. Now, let’s look at how we can manage the efficiency of your air conditioning.

Change Your Air Conditioning’s Filter

Just like your vacuums, your air conditioning unit also has filters in them. You can easily pull them out and wash them. Typically what I do is use a toothbrush which I keep aside just for these filters and gently dust the dust and sediments collected on the filter. Do this and see your air conditioning. If you’re not convinced about why you should change your air filter, here are 5 important reasons for having a clean filter.

Regular Maintenance

Look for a company who you would trust your air conditioning with. Just like how to do maintenance for your vehicles and what not, show your air conditioning the same kind of love too. Explore different packages to suit your needs and wants. Contact the company for more details before making a decision. Find it bothersome to look for a suitable aircon servicing company? Well, here’s the complete guide you need to choose the right company.

Give It Breaks

At home, despite it making life so much more comfortable. Please give your air conditioning breaks here and there to ensure it is not being overworked. It may bail on you one day if you over work it too much. Make use of the thermostat controller to have scheduled turn off times if you tend to fall asleep with the air conditioning running all night. Open up the windows every now and then to circulate the household and freshen up the space.

Make Use Of Fans

I am sure your households would have fans installed either on the ceilings (tell me I am not the only one who is scared of ceiling fans, something about it is eerie) or the standing fans placed around. Singapore is too hot to not have fans around to keep you cool. Use fans as a tool to circulate the cold air faster as compared to the in-built fans air conditioners have. This would help you reduce the usage time as mentioned earlier in the above point.

Set The Correct Temperature

Make sure you set your air conditioner to the correct temperature to reap the best results. For example, we do not want to run the aircon at 28 degrees aimlessly for hours when our room temperature is around the same. The recommended temperature for both energy efficiency and cost efficiency would be 25 degrees. You can increase or decrease based on your needs but have a standardised temperature for you to use.


Air conditioners are a key part of our lives now. Majority if not all households have air conditioning in their households. To ensure your air conditioning is running effectively and all is working fine, you may want a specialist’s input. Again, do remember that regular maintenance is vital to ensure air conditioning efficiency. Give your air conditioning the boost it needs.

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